kevin akin-abangwu,


as a Business Creative Consultant, I work in the background observing otherwise ignored nuances and patterns, recommending sometimes unorthodox approaches that help launch or revitalize brands, businesses, products and services.


“think outside the box”? What box??

what i offer is an all-inclusive package that allows me work with key principals/senior management to optimize the full potential of existing structure, and provide direction using the client’s available resources, aimed at desired short or long-term goals for the brand or business.

what can i actually do? glad you asked:


brand identity development + management

developing and maintaining a strong brand identity, brand image, brand culture, brand personality and brand strategy through relevant visual communication material. The long-term plan is to achieve a series of goals that ultimately result in consumers' easy identification and preference of your brand.

ideation + ideation management

ideation comprises all the processes involved in taking an idea from conception through to its realization. I work with the relevant internal principals to formalize the process of gathering, sharing, and analyzing ideas generated to design a method for them to be best executed.

creative direction & coordination

dealing with the creative concepts that surround your brand; part creative and part strategy, creative direction converts these ideas into reality in the form of Audio/Visual content creation and direction for digital & traditional media, Marketing communications, Advertising campaigns, and merchandising.

brands & businesses I've worked with:

available to work with small-medium sized brands across a diverse range of businesses that provide an outlet for experimentation, without losing sight of the desired short and long-term results.

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